Our Services

Consultancy and Coaching

Our services are suitable for small offices and small business who didn’t utilize Internet power yet. With P R A T İ K K is at your side as your digital coach, our 17 years know-how, experiences will be offered to you to meet your needs for marketing, digital strategy, User Experience, continous improvement, mobile strategy, system infrastructure, business continuity, Apple Solutions and even iPhoneography. (well we have individual life and hobbies right? 😉 )

We can assess your needs and we present our findings in a report regarding to your web site, customer experiences, digital experiences.


WordPress Web Site Design

You maybe are entrepreneur, may be small business just stepped into Internet World, You may be a old fashioned company want to start to digital transformation. We offer different solutions for different needs. Law Companies, Fitness Centres, Restaurants, Cafes, product departments… We meet your demands and make your digital experiences understandable and conceivable.


English – Turkish Translation

Turkish market is definitely improving and huge market with a lots of possibilities. We offer translation services not embarrass you in front of your prospects. Let us say common mistakes :

– Using Google Translate. Deadly mistake. Google translate alienates your product / web site / service explantations for Turkish visitors.

– Using general translators. Crippling mistake. Especially on digital era services, those general translators experience difficulties on finding the more suitable words.



One of common mistakes in digital project, tool become meaning. Don’t be another web master, don’t loose your focus. We deal with site updaes and support needs. Our support packages will meet your needs.

Site Reach

Your customers can’t reach you if your site is down. We check your site for every 5 minutes. And if it is down, we would take immediate steps for your site is to be up again.


We detect bad IP addresses and visitors, spam comments and stop them by using Big data and WordPress technologies. We make scannings on your website for usual threats.

Data backup

What make you sad most? Loosing your phone or loosing your photos inside it? We backup your datas of your websites.


We offer WordPress 101 education FREE to our customers. And from time to time, we also offers trainings on Digital Steps, Apple iPhoneography, WordPress.If you have such needs, contact via our form.




We offer solutions to know your current customers and users.  Help you to ask to your active users and customers what made them choose you and what made them abandon your site. Know they really are and how to improve your site .